On the ramp, every second of wasted time means money wasted for our customers. We know exactly what to do to get planes prepped, cleaned and turned around, fast, but always with safety in mind.

Rolands Markuns, Redcap, AAS

Meet the Team

The AAS Team is young, streamlined, efficient and experienced. With about 60 staff representing more than 20 nationalities and 20 languages, we are strong, energetic and dynamic. Drawing on this diversity and enthusiasm, we currently handle Station & Load Control Services, Ramp Services, and Baggage Sorting Services for up to 45 flights per day.

Because we are a small company, our supervisors work in close collaboration with the ramp staff to ensure regular safety and security training for all staff members. Thanks to this short chain of command, we know exactly how to identify needs, challenges and find the best solutions quickly,a s we all as to resolve any passenger issues rapidly. We call this personalized approach "living the AAS spirit".

What we can do for you

How can we help you?

Please contact our Station Control Officer or Customer Service Manager on duty:
Email: office@aas.aero and ops@aas.aero
Duty hours: Daily 04:30 – 23:00