Rapid delivery of high quality

The Small and Personal Ground Handling Company

At AAS, the management team is young, dynamic and creative, but still actively involved in operations. Through strong and tight management cohesion and teamwork, we ensure our work is of the highest quality. Our management team also has a very high operations experience and so they know exactly what operation problems may be, and how to quickly solve them. Our management offices are located immediately close to operations offices, so we can see what is happening and help at any time.

Independence means better business

AAS is an independent company, which means we can realize innovative solutions exceptionally and individually for all of our customers. We are able to focus on customer needs and offer any solutions that are needed, whether wearing uniforms, special handling of passengers or baggage, DCS solutions, special language needs, or other needs.

Being independent means we are able to also be 100% transparent about our pricing structures so that we can provide the most cost-effective services to our customers. 

The AAS Spirit

Though AAS is relatively young, many of the senior management members have worked with the company essentially since the beginning. This means that everyone has an excellent overview of how to provide value added services for the company and our customers.

We believe that the main reason why our staff is so loyal is because of our family and personal spirit that runs through all of our services and work environment. Respect is the key at all levels within the company and with our customers and partners. We attach importance to fairness, healthy work balance, and solidarity and strong social cohesion among team members. These are what make AAS who we are and what our staff stands for.

Day in the life

I have enjoyed every single minute I have been with AAS and have plenty of treasured memories.

When we push back an aircraft early in the morning and see the sunrise behind the airplane.. what better way to start the day? And what better way to end it than to have a beer with your colleagues?

Pumin Lexchai, Operation Planning, AAS